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Sealing solutions for the Food, Beverage, Pulp and Paper and Wood Industries

Tihentuum OÜ offers a wide range of sealing products: mechanical seals, standard and custom-made O-rings, rotating shaft seals, PTFE and high-performance technopolymer seals and self-lubricating bearings


Tihentuum OÜ represents leading sealing brands in the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe

An innovative step molding method produces customized large diameter O-rings from a variety of compounds.
Rotary shaft oil seals and customized items are manufactured using various elastomers and rubber-to-metal materials for diverse applications.
Engineered sealing solutions and custom seal kits for heavy duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
A manufacturer of mechanical seals that provides an extensive range of standard seals compatible with nearly all pump brands worldwide.
PTFE and high performance engineering polymers. Standard shapes and custom engineered components.
O-rings in various compounds with numerous quality certificates. These O-rings are used in everything from the automotive industry to hydraulics and the food industry.
PTFE, graphite and all the main asbestos-free materials used for the production of gasketing materials, gaskets and semi finished products.
Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other hydraulic and power elements.

About us
Whether you operate in the pulp and paper industry, food processing, wood processing, or other sectors, Tihentuum OÜ has a comprehensive range of industrial seals to suit your applications.

Understanding the distinct requirements of different industries, we specialize in crafting seals that withstand the rigorous demands of pulp and paper production, food processing, wood processing, and more. Our products are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of machinery, contributing to the overall efficiency of your operations.

At Tihentuum OÜ, our customers are our priority. Our responsive customer service ensures you promptly receive the support and information.



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